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S.C.I.L.I. S.C.I.L.I.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I need fast-paced background music for a game, and after searching for a while, this seems to be the best candidate, (game won't be payed). hit me up if you want to talk.

Also, the song is quite good and fast paced, however it is extremely repetetive. this is good if you don't want to distract someone who is playing game, but standalone it is somewhat boring, but you have done well slowly introducing more elements into the mix.

How To Dainty How To Dainty

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I absolutely love it, the beat is very easy to listen to, and the break downs are well timed, the build ups work extremely well, and the simple input of the "how to dainty" line works quite well to break up the seperate parts of the song. I would recommend next time maybe tuning the instruments to be less scratchy and more techy, but otherwise, this beat is respectable.

Dubsyn responds:

challenge accepted.jpgeg

In the Works (feedback/SINGER NEEDED) In the Works (feedback/SINGER NEEDED)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

sounds pretty good, the song currently has too many elements going on at once for me to properly focus on anything, but I believe that when you get a singer with lyrics in there it will all fit together a bit nicer, otherwise probably just try to remove some of the reverb(?) from some instruments, it makes them go too long, into other instruments parts and they all overlap. but it's a very nice song in the end. enjoyable enough.

trunotfals responds:

Im curious why you think there is too much reverb. There really isnt much reverb on this at all. Except for the pads and swells that are heavily reverbed in order for them to be super backround and fill up the 3d space. It's meant to have a very spacey chill vibe, without those two voices in the backround, it will feel very empty. Everything that needs to be heard is not reverbed much at all, and the vocals are meant to be the forefront. Could you be more specific in a message? I spent a lot of focus on the reverb in this song. Also, there is nothing really overlapping in the frequency spectrum, everything that does overlap is sidechained to shed much more light on whatever voice I want to be heard more, i.e. the high hats are sidechained to the pads, to create a very slight, mellow almost off tempo swell effect, and the kick to sub (of course) and the drop chord rhythm to the Vox (just slightly in one part of the frequency. Other than that I feel like this has plenty of space. Some of it is not meaznt to be clear, just for the overall vibe.